Private Sector Careers 

Note: All programs listed are available to individuals or can be taught to a group, workshop, or lunch and learn session(s).

In today's competitive environment individuals have to take charge of their careers and their lives - You are the CEO of your future.  Infinity Coaching works with its clients to make sure they stand out above the rest.  Clients understand the value of first impressions and learn to leave a lasting impression.  We work and assist clients with the following:

Career Coaching/Strategies

Services include:

Clarification of current career goals; evaluation of skills, signature career and life values and interest; exploration of career options; career development; growth within your current industry/profession; career transition/retirement; clients looking to re-position his/her future; individuals needing outplacement services; improving communication and people skills; networking;  improving professional performance; and navigating through the job search, and job seeking tips.

Infinity Coaching will work with you to develop/implement goals and initiate an action plan to achieve set goals.  We will support you and work with you to create a career you love and a life you are proud of.

Career Assessments

Infinity Coaching offers three assessment to assist you with gaining clarity on the right career fit for you.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) effectively measures your energetic impact on yourself and the world around you. It measures 3 specific things:

  1. Your level of engagement in many areas of your life – personal AND professional
  2. Your level of awareness

As you gain understanding of your energetic impact, you will also gain clarity in direction for you unique career path.

Resume Review

Have you submitted your resume several times and you haven't been called for an interview? In today's competitive environment, your resume must stand out so employers can see your true value. We will review your resume and assess if it answer four critical questions that need to be answered to get you the interview. After the review is completed, you will receive a 45 minute debrief with recommendations to improve your resume.

Interview Preparation

Does just thinking about going to an interview cause your hands to become sweaty and your pulse begins to race? Anxiety sets in, you're nervous and your stomach is in a knot? This one and half hour session will provide you with skills that you can practice and master taking the fear out of the interview process. Learn about the interviewing process from the scheduling of the interview to the job offer.  In addition you will learn:

  • How to prepare for the interview
  • The types of interviews
  • Practice answering and asking questions
  • Demeanor/attitude
  • Follow-up strategies
  • You will walk away feeling more prepared and confident about the next job interview.