Leadership Mastery and Career Development Training

Unless indicated, training can be taught as a keynote, workshop, seminar, lunch and learn, one-on-one or with a group. Topics can be combined and tailored into a package to fit an individual or organization’s needs, mission and vision.

Look below to learn more about the programs offered. For additional training topics visit the seminar/workshop section and/or to learn more about any of the programs please email of Carolyn at cowens@infinitycoaching.net.

Leadership Mastery: Power Skills to an Extraordinary Life and Amazing Career

During this training you will begin to understand why what you are currently doing is not working, why what you are currently doing is no longer serving you, if it ever did. Discover the power skills you need to have an extraordinary life and have an amazing career and see life in a whole new way. Topics covered include - Why Your Why Matters – Creating Your Purpose Setting Goals to Achieve Your Dreams, Burning the Bridge of Your Past – How Let Go and Move Forward and more. At the completion of the workshop you will have learned actual steps to land or create the career of your dreams, reduce overwhelm and frustration, have more time with friends and family and live a healthy and vibrant life.

Behaviors that sabotage your life – How Women don't take Command

Do you ever wonder why in some organizations women don't rise to the top? She works hard, is loyal to the organization, gives it her all but she is bypassed for promotions and often does not get the recognition she deserves. Why is this? Early in life girls are taught to behave in ways that do not align with success in the corporate world. Women are often unaware of these behaviors and do not understand how the behaviors are impeding professional development and career growth. Discover the art of office politics and the mistakes that women are making that are sabotaging their careers and life. To eliminate the behaviors allowing for more opportunities in the social and business world. The session will also highlight some of the key points listed in the international bestseller by Lois P. Frankel, PhD, NiceGirls Don't Get The Corner Office.

Standing in Your Truth: The Women Behind the Uniform

The presentation explores unique challenges female service members face when transitioning from the military. Often the focus is solely on the immediate transition. As women transition there are many emotional challenges they experience but often never discuss. These issues are over looked but resurface years later possibly leading to depression, difficulty coping and mental illness impacting ones family, finances, career, etc.

This presentation will raise awareness on the emotional and cultural challenges women veterans face with an interactive discussion on ways to address the issues and assist women veterans before and during their time of need.

Leadership Mastery with the Myers Brig Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is the most reliable, widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences.  The instrument has been in use for over 50 years, translated in 15 different languages and commonly used by fortune 100 companies to maximize individual and team effectiveness from entry level to executive levels. The MBTI can be used for self-understanding and development, career development and assessment, organizational development, management and leadership training, diversity and cultural awareness, and team building. Training is offered in the areas of Team Building, Stress Management, Communication , Generational Differences and Leadership. Fun, interactive exercises are conducted reinforcing the concepts learned and the importance of different personality types.

The workshop will lead to improved productivity, morale and performance as well as participants gaining appreciation for how others think, communicate and interact . Taking the assessment is not required for most training sessions, but highly encouraged. All answers on the questionnaire are self-reported and the individual answers and reports are confidential.

Bridging the Gap: Generational Differences

With the instability of the economy people are staying in the workforce longer resulting in 4 generations being in the workforce. This interactive workshop explores the differences in values and approaches to key areas of the job to include communication and technology. It presents the MBTI Types and Temperament as self-awareness and communication tools to turn discord into collaboration . The abundant use of reflection questions, self-assessments, case studies and action plans makes this a great personal learning or group training tool.

Energy Leadership and Leadership Mastery

What would it do for you if your executives and managers were all true leaders? What if your personnel, including co-workers and staff, were all leaders, instead of followers?  Energy Leadership is the answer! During this training participants will explore the concepts behind Energy Leadership™, and learn how to become engaged and engage others on the job.

They will learn how to develop into a more powerful leader - one who creates in others inspiration, not perspiration. Understanding the concept of energy leadership you will inspire and motivate those around you, feel a greater sense of purpose, get more done in less time, be able to make quick and accurate decisions, increased engagement on the job and also attract success to you. Completion of this training will result in increased productivity, efficiency and morale. Training on Energy Leadership is offered in the areas - High Energy Relationships, Energy Leadership in the Workplace, Dynamic Communication, Time Management/Balance, and Creating Your Ideal Life.

Passing the Test - The Interview Process

Does just thinking about going to an interview cause your hands to become sweaty and your pulse begins to race? Anxiety sets in, you're nervous and your stomach is in a knot? This one and half hour session will provide you with skills that you can practice and master taking the fear out of the interview process.  Attendees will learn about the interviewing process from the scheduling of the interview to the job offer.  Attendees will also learn how to prepare for the interview, the types of interviews, answering and asking questions, demeanor/attitude and follow-up strategies. 

Participants will walk away feeling more prepared and confident about the next job interview.

5 Steps to Rapid Employment

With the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment System you will discover, develop, and implement a step-by-step process for landing a job or making a successful career transition. Using a holistic approach, the job seeker learns how to align their values with their career goals. The job seeker works through activities to help bridge the gaps, achieve their goals and are more motivated to push through obstacles when they arise. The five steps include - Learning How to Ride the Emotional Roller Coaster (Managing emotions); Defining Your Goals, Using Value-Based Resumes and Self-Marketing Tools; and Creating a Meticulous Action Plan (MAP) and Taking Action and Mastering a Few Self-Marketing Skills.

Ten Steps to a Federal Job®

Despite what you may have heard, the federal government is still hiring! The searching for a federal job is much more than a resume and USAJobs. This workshop is designed to teach you how to navigate the federal hiring process using ten key steps such as  Focus Your Federal Job Search, Networking Success, Target Your Top Accomplishments, Find the Perfect Job Announcement and more. All participants receive a copy of the book “Ten Steps to A Federal Job” by Kathryn Troutman.

Resume 101 for High School Students

High School is not too early to begin to learn about writing resumes. Attendees will learn the importance of and structure of a resume. Attendees will leave with a basic outline to begin to draft a resume of their own.

Leadership 101 for High School or Middle School Students

This program is designed to begin to equip young adults with leadership skills they can carry into adulthood. Attendees will develop a vision board and learn how who we are impacts decision making. They will leave with a better understanding of self and cultural awareness.

Additional topics include but are not limited to:

  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job Search
  • Finding Federal Vacancy Announcements
  • Networking – Who Do You Know?
  • I Can’t Take it Anymore! Stress Management
  • Work Life Balance, Can you really achieve it?
  • Cultural Awareness – How Who We Are Impacts The Decision We Make
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Dynamic Communication
  • The Job Campaign
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Don't be a Boss, Be A Leader
  • Social Media Career Strategies
  • Be the CEO of Your Future (College students)