Federal Careers

Note: All federal career programs listed are available to individuals or can be taught to a group, workshop, or lunch and learn session(s).

10 Steps to a Federal Job

Despite what some may say, do not rule out the opportunity to of having a federal career - the Federal Government is still hiring!   Individuals are often challenged trying to find a job vacancy, assessing if they have the skill sets for the position and navigating through the application process. Applying for a Federal job is very different than the private sector. Using just ten steps, this program will show you have to successfully navigate through the process - landing a federal job is so much more than just writing a great resume. A successful applicant will need to embark on a job search campaign and complete all of the steps outlined. Not only will first time applicants benefit from this program, even those currently working in the federal government and seeking to transition to a new position will benefit.

Federal Employment Education

This service is a great place to start for those who are first time applicants with the federal government and those transitioning from military service. The sessions will go over the intricacies of the federal hiring process to familiarize candidates with the process from how to target agencies, salaries, how the government hires, understanding key terms, reading and understanding USAJOBS announcements and more.

Federal Resume Review

Have you applied for positions but have not been able to qualify? Not sure what exactly is wrong with your resume? A review of your resume will provide the answers you need. Using an specific 11-Point system, a Certified Federal Resume Coach will conduct a comp lete review of your resume and provide a 45 minute debrief of the review. Items assessed and reviewed during the debrief include length of the resume, format, keywords, specialized experience and more. Learn the changes you need to make to your resume to get you qualified and hired!

Federal Interview Coaching

You have qualified for the position and just got the call for the interview, now what? The interview process is a test and in order to pass you must prepare and practice. Spend time working with a Certified Federal Career Coach to “study” so you can ace the interview. After working with a Coach, you will be able to clearly articulate why you are the best applicant for the job and tell your story using the CCAR method. Remember, the resume may have got you the interview, but the interview gets you the job!

Career Strategies/Transitioning

Looking to transition to a new position, obtain a promotion, or do you feel stuck and not sure what the next step is for you? When was the last time you took time to conduct an honest thorough assessment of your career? Often individuals will think this is not necessary when in a federal position but spending time conducting a career assessment can reinvigorate you and allow you to set new, clear goals for what you truly achieve success.

We work with clients to clarify current career goals; evaluation of skills, values and interest; exploration of career options; career development; growth within your current industry/profession; career transition/retirement; improve communication skills; leadership skills, networking; and improving overall professional performance.

Infinity Coaching will work with you to develop/implement goals and initiate an action plan to achieve set goals.  We will support you and work with you to create a career you love and a life you are proud of.

Transitioning Military Members Veterans and Military Spouses 

Transitioning from military service back into the civilian sector is an exciting and challenging time.  Working with a career coach can make the process much more enjoyable and reduce overwhelm and frustration. Infinity Coaching, Inc. offers career, leadership and life coaching to assist you with your transition. Services offered include - clarification of current career goals; evaluation of skills / values / interest; exploration of career options; mastering the interview; improving communication and people skills; networking; navigating through the job campaign, federal employment education, job seeking tips, reviewing/writing resumes (federal/private sector) cover letter writing and application coaching. Infinity Coaching, has over 25 years of proven experience which includes military service - we speak your language! Infinity Coaching will support and work with you to achieve your goals.

Discounted rates are offered to all transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses.