The Inner Circle

Become a member of the Infinity Coaching Inner Circle 

~ Elite Career and Leadership Coaching ~

The Infinity Coaching inner circle is an exclusive group that provides you access to expert teaching, coaching and mentoring. During the journey, you will discover the power skills you need to have an extraordinary life, amazing career. You will learn how to live life in a whole new way – on your own terms. Participants share in a journey of self-awareness and discovery with one another allowing them to transform their lives, creating a life like never before imagined.


Be inspired & encouraged with power skills and techniques that will empower you to take command of your life.

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Join an incredible group of people where you will learn key Power Skills from a highly respected expert with proven experience to help you get ahead in your career and life. Some of the skills you will learn are as follows:


  • Understanding your values to be happy
  • Overcoming sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back
  • Get clear on your life and career goals
  • Dynamic communication with others and especially with yourself
  • Time management the best kept secret of successful people
  • Empowerment skills to embrace fear and turn negative into positive stay motivated when the going gets tough (when life shifts)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Courage to take risks to live life on your terms
  • Stop making excuses and re-assume control
  • Motivate yourself and others!
  • Knowing you have busy schedules, you don't even have to leave your home to be an active and contributing member of the group.


Join Today & Receive:

  • Three coaching calls per month on a specific focus area
  • Weekly affirmations
  • Set weekly goals with strategies you can work on during the week
  • Private Facebook group
  • Membership-site
  • Guest Experts
  • Questions answered
  • Discounts on other products and services
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Connect and network with powerful leaders
  • Access to a growing ‘vault’ of news, information, audios, videos, resources, and the support of our community
  • And have lots of fun!



 There are only a limited number of seats at this price so don't delay!  Be assured, the training, coaching and support you will receive will far exceed the cost but you are not obligated to stay and can cancel at anytime! 

The Inner Circle Will

Open in May 2018

The Inner Circle is a journey of self-awareness, discovery, and self-acceptance that will transform your life. Due to the high level of coaching received, only 15 woman will be invited and selected to participate.  To find out if you are a fit for the program, schedule your interview by clicking here - Inner Circle Interview.   Remember, we have a limited number of openings available. 

Those who preregister will receive a one-on-one intention setting coaching session (valued at $150.00), a second coaching session (valued at $150.00)  AND your choice of an assessment with full debrief (valued at $197.00) to guide your coaching through the program.  The assessment will be given after the first month in the program and the second one-on-one session will take place during the third or fourth month in the program. 

Any questions?  Please email Carolyn at  

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INNER CIRCLE HOST - Carolyn R. Owens


Carolyn R. Owens is a leading authority on leadership and professional development and has worked with and trained top leaders across the globe.

A retired Navy Commander, with over 25 years of proven experience, Carolyn gained extensive experience, receiving, developing, and teaching some of the best leadership training while serving in the United States Navy. She specialized in Human Resources (Talent Acquisition, Professional Development, Organizational Training, Personnel and Manpower), reaching the level of Director, Human Capital Management for an organization of 4800 military, civilian and contract personnel. 

Carolyn is recognized as one of the select few, certified Rapid Employment Master Coaches in the world and holds various coaching and leadership.

She now takes her experience and knowledge gained to help individuals obtain the confidence and skills needed to move past their limiting beliefs and acquire the success they desire in life. She is here to help you Take Command and create the life you truly desire!