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"Too often we get lost in the world we live in
and don't stop to regenerate.  
Choose to live in the moment . . . live now!"

- Carolyn R. Owens

"Carolyn Owens empowers her clients to do extraordinary things!" - Mark Thorn

"Carolyn is a rare jewel among the shining lights of life." - Dr. Jeffrey Magee

"I do believe that Carolyn's gift of encouragement is divine! - S. Carter


Mark Thorn

Mark Thorn

Executive and Leadership Coach

“Carolyn R. Owens empowers her clients and colleagues to do extraordinary things. She challenges them to raise the bar in their lives, and helps them to accomplish things they have only dreamed about.  An extraordinary coach and accomplished public speaker, she uses her diverse background, especially her military career, to inspire.  I learn something new every time we work together.  An amazing lady who you want to work with if you're looking at raising your game."


S. Carter

After hearing Carolyn speak at The Pink Event

"I would like to thank you for letting God speak through you to encourage women - we all definitely need it.  Your talk today (at the Pink Event) was so inspirational and empowering!  I do believe that your gift of encouragement is divine.  The principles and scripture given during your seminar was absolutely of God!  Thank you for reaching out to help others and taking the time to speak with me individually after your speech.  May God continue to bless you as you bless others with the wisdom He has given you!"


Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CMC, PDM, CSP

Human Capital Developer

"Carolyn is a rare jewel among the shining lights of life, from a powerful career as a military Officer to her professional coaching practice, Carolyn teaches individuals how to achieve professional success.  Her concentration encompasses the whole person concept moving clients forward and transforming lives.  Her approach whether as a frequently requested Keynote Speaker or through her workshops, it's always amazing!  All organizations and individuals need to experience the COMMAND process she developed and take their games to the next level!"

"You need a plan of action with short- and long-term goals.  If you get off track, you can refer back to them!"

- Carolyn R. Owens


Surprising Habits That Can Harm A Happy Marriage

By Carolyn R. Owens

This article originally appeared on the YourTango website and was syndicated to Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine website, and! Sure, togetherness is important. But is there such a thing as being too close? “I promise to love honor and obey until death do us part.” I said those vows but no one told me it would […]

Four Ways To Live a Life of Real Purpose

By Carolyn R. Owens

(This article originally appeared on the YourTango website.) All you do is TALK about the life you want … now it’s time to (finally) take action! How much time and money have you invested in courses that teach you how to find and live your personal purpose? Sure, the material is great. And you took a ton […]

Having a Confident Mindset

By Carolyn R. Owens

One of my favorite quotes I like to share is by Gabourey Sidbie. You probably know of her from starring in the movie Precious and with Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist. Some people look at her and say, she is not America’s typical standard of beauty  but she certainly does not see herself that way.  The quote goes […]